Installation & Upgrade

Protect your business and home with a quality security camera system. We will help you pick the best system to fit your budget and needs. Then we will install the system and setup remote viewing on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Have the peace of mind of knowing that you can check on your love ones, property or pets at anytime; and anywhere in the world. Get started by click here.


- Capacity Planning

- Quality Assurance

- Audit

- Transition Service

- Control Access

- Servers: file, web, mail

- Networks: fiber & copper

- Surveillance Systems

- Smart Office

- Alliterative Energy



Creating effective solutions to convey a message through the use of media is important in any business. People are exposed to media everyday from the time they wake-up checking their smartphone to their work computer. We can provide the media solution need for a tradeshow, online promotions, print or television.

- Websites

- Software

- App Development

- Video & Editing


Management Consulting 

Implementing new technology into existing or new infrastructures can be challenging. We help clients make wise technology decisions to positively impact the growth of their business.

- Information Systems

- Communication Systems

- Financial Applications

- Networks

- Data Backup & Storage